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Please complete this form to request your customized Accommodation Letter Packet for the CURRENT or IMMEDIATELY UPCOMING semester. It is your responsibility to complete this request for EACH SEMESTER. Your registration with the DRC must be COMPLETE before you request your Accommodation Letters. If you have questions or concerns about this process, please contact a DRC Counselor.

What is an Accommodation Letter Packet?

For each of your traditional, face-to-face classes, you will be given a printed Letter which you will deliver to your instructor and use as a tool to discuss your accommodations.

For online courses, we will contact your instructor by email with a digital copy of your Letter. You will also receive this email, which includes a reminder that you must follow up with your online instructor to discuss your accommodations.

Your packet will also include a copy of your Accommodation Letter to take to the Testing Center, if you will be using it for testing accommodations. One last copy of your letter is included for your records.

For example: Eddie is taking 3 traditional classes and 1 online course this semester. His letter packet will include 5 printed letters – one for each of his traditional classes, one for the Testing Center and one for his records. For his online class, the DRC will send his Accommodation Letter by email to both him and his instructor.

When will myLletters be available to pick up?

Spring 2014 Letter Packets will be available for pick up beginning on January 6, 2014 for students (1) whose DRC registration is complete and (2) who requested Letters in advance.

If you request Letters after this date, we require 3 business days to process your request.

Note: You must enter your NWACC email address in the form below. Remember that your NWACC email address is the official means of communication for the College, and it is important that you check your NWACC email regularly.

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For questions or comments, please contact jsolarzvojdani@nwacc.edu

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