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Eagle View Publicity for News and Announcements

This form is for Eagle View news or announcement publicity and its corresponding information.

  • NWACC faculty, staff, students, and the general public are welcome to submit.
  • If writing a letter to the editor, please see link on the Eagle View home page entitled 'Letter to the Editor' to submit your letter online.
  • Please submit your entry at least two weeks prior to when you want the information publicized.
  • Story submissions, suggestions, and ideas are appreciated but are at the discretion of the editor and his or her staff.

Submission Information

Ex: 555-555-5555
e.g. student, business major OR instructor, English
By checking the box above I verify that I am authorized to give full permission to the staff at NWACC to review and use
my submitted information to promote this announcement. The above information will be used for the publicity of this
announcement. By submitting this form, I also certify that I have read and concur with the release and waiver polices.

For questions/comments on this content, please contact EagleView@nwacc.edu.