NWACC Online Glossary

The NWACC Glossary exists to improve communication, establish a common language, demystify acronyms, and to provide an efficient orientation tool for students (current and future), employees, and the community. It will help to create an environment of transparent information at NWACC so that all can better understand college terms and processes.

To submit a term, with or without a definition, select the "Add a Key Term" button and complete the form. Users can also update or revise a term. All terms go through a Glossary Team approval process.

NorthWest Arkansas Community College and the Glossary Team reserve the right to approve, disapprove, revise, update, or delete glossary terms. The glossary comes from a subcommittee of the AQIP I Project Team assigned to recommend ways to improve college communication and leadership. Send questions or comments to glossary@nwacc.edu.

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For questions/comments on this content, please contact glossary@nwacc.edu.