Full and Part-Time Employee Tuition Waiver

Full and Part-Time Employee Tuition Waiver: Policy #5-1-17

NorthWest Arkansas Community College Employee Tuition Waiver Eligibility:

All full and part-time employees, their spouses, and their dependent children (as defined by the IRS Code) are eligible for semester tuition waivers for credit classes only if the employee meets the following criteria:

  • Is employed by NorthWest Arkansas Community College on the final day of regular (general) registration for a NorthWest Arkansas Community College semester, and in a budgeted position that has a current Memorandum of Employment on file in the Human Resources Office.
  • Remains employed in a budgeted position that is scheduled to continue through the last day of classes for the requested semester.
  • Completes the college Tuition Waiver Application and submit to the Office of Human Resources prior to the payment due date(s) published in the Class Schedule for employment verification processing.
  • The employee, spouse, or dependent taking class/classes must meet the requirements for admission into the class/classes.
  • Employee must be in good standing to exercise this benefit.
  • This form must be completed and submitted EACH semester of enrollment.
  • This Waiver Covers Tuition Only – Student service fees, class fees, books, and supplies are the responsibility of the student.
  • Hours may be divided between family members. Please fill out separate waivers for each family member and indicate the number of hours to be awarded to each family member. Total hours not to exceed the entitled amount for the employee.
  • Employees who wish to take a class during working hours must have prior written approval from their immediate supervisor.
  • Full-time Employees & Faculty: Full-time employees, their spouses, and dependent children may earn tuition waiver for up to twelve (12) credit hours per family per semester for each term including fall, spring, and summer. New full–time employees will be granted one (3) hour class until the completion of the six month probationary period.
  • Part-time Employees & Faculty: Part-time employees, their spouses, and dependent children may earn tuition waiver for up to three (3) credit hours per family for the fall, spring and summer semester.
  • NOTE:If an employee has received the tuition waiver, but fails to meet the eligibility criteria, (example: active memorandum) the employee shall forfeit the tuition waiver for the semester enrolled by the employee, spouse, or dependent child(ren), and the employee will be responsible for payment of tuition and fees in full.

Tuition Waiver Request

The Total Credit Hours Enrolled MUST be 1 or greater. If 0 (zero) credit hour/non-credit hours please visit Click HR Policy Page to access paper form.
By checking the box above I verify that as an employee of NWACC, I have reviewed the Employee Tuition Waiver Eligibility Policy (5-1-17). I understand that if at any time during the semester I do not meet the eligibility criteria above, I shall forfeit the tuition waiver for that semester; taken by myself, my spouse, or my dependent children, and I will be responsible for payment of all tuition and fees.

For questions/comments on this content, please contact hrhelp@nwacc.edu.